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A Blind Date with a Book

The old saying goes something like ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. In fact, we always do. It makes us feel in control and reassures us through predictability. What if this scary yet exciting feeling that uncertainty brings, could be channeled in some way in order to create a memorable experience? That’s exactly what people at blinddatewithabook.com do.

The original idea came to the founder of an Australian Bookshop chain: (‘Elizabeth’s Bookshop’) who was tired of watching people choosing books by a superficial look, without getting to know the heart of the story. That’s why she wrapped her favorite titles and wrote down a short message for each book, so that people would be inspired by it, without knowing the title, the author or looking at the cover. The initiative, was an overnight success because it encouraged people to buy from an emotional standpoint and gave them an additional reason to make an unusual, exciting gift without feeling responsible of the choice.

The initiative premiered in the flagship store in Sidney, was rapidly extended to all the other chains and is now available even online. On the website, people can scroll through the collection on sale. They can then buy a copy and have it delivered at their doorstep in a few days.

This same format has spread all over the world for its simplicity and low implementing costs. That’s why in the past years you may have seen Italian resellers to Italian resellers decided to play on this idea as well. Large bookshop chains like Mondadori, Feltrinelli and Giunti have created a space dedicated to such activity; some of them still have a corner. Such an idea to give your book-worm loved one a special and curated 'free-of-judgment' gift.

(AF, 2017)

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