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The Story of My Coding Journey as Featured on SheCodes Success Story

I am so glad that I got the opportunity to share the story of my coding journey through SheCodes. SheCodes is the place where I learnt to code since the fourth quarter of 2020. My coding journey started when I got a project offer in which other than design, I must also understand the basic knowledge of coding in order to fulfil the needs of the project. I didn't have any knowledge and confidence to say yes to the project, so I decided to reject the offer with a heavy heart. Hence, I decided to learn to code in order to be able to offer more to the potential clients.

I enrolled to three classes in which covering the basic coding, the front-end developer certification, and the responsive web design. I built my own website and weather app from scratch during the course. I am able to use my design background to help me to design and my coding knowledge to built the products. Everything that I built was made from scratch from the prototype (mostly with Sketch and or Figma) and the code itself (Visual Studio Code: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

You can read the full story here.

See my website which I built from scratch here.

See my weather app here.

See more about SheCodes here.

(AF, 2021)


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