cemara: user story board

cemara is a service and UX design for the Final Thesis project in Politecnico di Milano.

cemara is a social innovation project aims to reach equality between low-income families in the village who find difficulties to access proper early childhood education service. cemara also help to increase social cohesion through individual competence and empathy of the family with the early childhood education.
However, cemara as a temporary service as a subsidiary solution has its limit. The tools by cemara are not equal to the Playgroup service which guided by the professional. However, cemara targets awareness regarding the importance of early childhood education will raise, and the family will have the motivation to participate in the primary service provided by the government.
cemara has been tested to several mothers and Playgroups in Indonesia to understand better in which part of the project could be developed better in the future. The prototype is the recent development after the first test, but there are still many things that can be designed better and more detailed in the future.
cemara can start as a small scale service in a village that has a good relationship with the Playgroup service from the government to see how the service brings positive impact to the children, family, and the community. In the future, cemara could also be developed not only in one village but as well as in some provinces in Indonesia that need urgent help on the issue.
Hopefully, cemara can help to provide a solution for various issues regarding early childhood education services in Indonesia. cemara can also help the community raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development as a part of the community.
All the research, brainstorming, design, mockup, and prototype were done by me. These illustrations were created to explain better the user experience journey towards the service itself.

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cemara story board phase 1
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cemara story board phase 2
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cemara story board phase 3
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cemara story board phase 4
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