An app service project which aim to solve the problems for foreigner living in Italy.

In this global era, traveling and living in a foreign country is getting easier each day. People moving more freely and the number is increasing and the trend will continue in the future.
There are 5 million foreign nationals legally residing in Italy, according to figures from national statistics institute Istat, which is equivalent to around 8.3 percent of Italy's population of 60.5 million.
How about the paperwork that they need to do? Can they access the correct information regarding the documents? Do they collect enough information to go through the paperwork? How about the language barrier between the foreigner and Italian? Is there any one source for them to collect all the information they need? What is the current condition regarding the paperwork process for foreigner in Italy?
How might we make a better and seamless experience during the process of paperwork for A foreigner?
startnieri is an all in one app service where the foreigners can find and collect the information regarding the documents that they need as a foreigner living in Italy. The app service provided the information of the documents, the aims of the documents, and to keep the user (the foreigner) in track with their documents' process. startnieri aim to be a complete guide for the foreigner regarding the paperwork that they need to do and to make it easier and faster for them to keep in track with the bureaucracy process. The seamless experience of a foreigner during the paperwork eventually will make the process more efficient and faster for the staffs in charge and the government as well in the long term period. Gain the trust and cut the cost of the time and energy wasted from the efficiency. startnieri user target is all the foreigners and their families who is living legally in Italy. Especially to those who needs guidance in doing the paperwork while living in Italy.

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